Class Information

Preschool Program's

Diaper Bugs

18 months - 3 years

The first of our two tiered preschool program is the 45 minute Diaper-Bug class. This class introduces movement through music, gymnastics, and creative play. This class is done with a parent or other adult of your choice. The Diaper-Bug class is designed to increase your child’s social, cognitive, and fine motor skills, as well as help to improve their balance and coordination. This class will be led by our USA Gymnastics certified coach.

Level 1

3-4 years

The second tier of our preschool program is the 60 minute Level 1 class. This class builds on what they have learned previously in the Diaper-Bug class or if they are a beginner gymnast this is a great class to begin in. It shifts from a parent and teacher guided class to an more independent setting lead by just their gymnastics teacher. In addition to learning sport specific skills the children will also learn concepts such as taking turns, waiting in line, and following patterns and directions. This class will be led by our USA Gymnastics certified coach.


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Level 2

5-7 years

This is 60 minute class that continues to advance from the previous Preschool Program. Here they will begin more challenging activities both physically and mentally. The children at this level will work more independently and the movements will require more body and spatial awareness. This class will be led by our USA Gymnastics certified coach.

Level 3

8 years and Up


This is the second level in our school age program. Girls are taught on all four of the Women’s Olympic events, as well as introduced to conditioning and flexibility. The Women's Olympic events are Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor exercise. In all School Age classes they also get to practice on our in ground trampoline to help develop their gymnastics skills on all events. Our goal is to teach gymnastics in a fun environment while following progressions and achieving goals. This class will be led by our USA Gymnastics certified coach

Level 4


This is the third level in our school age program. Here our students continue to advance from what they have learned in Level 3. They meet once a week for an hour and fifteen minutes. This class is led by one of our USA Gymnastics certified coaches.

Level 5


The fourth and final level in our school age program is Level 5. They begin developing harder skills, have more time in the gym, more repetitions and really start to understand what it takes to develop their gymnastics. In this class, a full cardio warm up, stretching and conditioning is incorporated. They learn the importance of how all three of these concepts will help protect their bodies from injuries and help in developing their gymnastics skills. This class meets for an hour and a half, once a week. This class is led by a USA Gymnastics certified instructor.


Tumbling and Trampoline

We offer two level of Tumbling. Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced. Both classes are 60 minutes long, once a week. The students are given lots of tools and equipment for following progressions to insure correct technique and safety at all times. We take pride in teaching tumbling with the highest of expectations.

  • 42x42 Spring Floor

  • 30 foot in-ground trampline

  • Large foam pit

  • Skill builders and mats

Boys Gymnastics

6 years and Up

This is a 60 minute class, once a week. Here they work to develop their strength, flexibility and overall coordination while also learning gymnastics! This is a great class to help boost confidence and develop their bodies for future athletic sports. Our goal is to teach gymnastics in a fun environment while following progressions and achieving goals. The boys gymnastics class will work on all 6 of the Men's Olympic events which are Floor, Vault, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse and Rings. This class will be led by our USA Gymnastics certified coach.

School age Program's

gym 4.jpg

Ninja Zone

Our goal is to take the coordination from gymnastics, the discipline for martial arts, the strength and agility from obstacle course training, and the creativity from breakdance and combine it all into one amazing program called Ninja Zone!

This is a great opportunity for any boys who are wanting to learn some cool moves but aren't thrilled about the idea of being in a gymnastics class. In this class they will learn how to move quick like a ninja as well as obstacle course tactics. This class meets once a week for one hour for ninja training.

We have now opened Ninja's up to Girls! 

Boys: Age 3-11
Girls: Age 5-11

Turning energy into ambition!

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